Thursday, September 8, 2011

doing it wrong

Found yet more evidence I've been doing it wrong:
Hat tip: those good folks at 



  1. Yea I tried that once here in the desert, crashed and burned 50 feet later and still have the scars to prove it. Love the motivational video link.

  2. We've got it totally wrong. I always thought wet trails were dangerous, but I guess the wet trail just reduces friction and makes you go downhill faster... the mud somehow gluing you to the trail.
    I seriously don't see how he kept from wiping out on those turns.
    I really like the last line from the commentator:
    "How does he sit down with _____ that big!?!"

  3. Yeah, that's it Jay! I've been riding dry trails this whole time, that's gotta be it. Who'da thunk! ;-)

    TR- I did manage some DH riding this summer at Angel Fire Mountain Resort. Let's just say that day never made it into the blog. Hard to get geeked up about being the only one on the mountain with screeching brakes on every run. :-/

    Truth be told, it was as much fun as I've had on a bike, but found my bike was like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Been thinking of more travel ever since. Can you say SB-66?

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  5. In addition to the fact that the commentator's compliment the size of his testes, i love when they freak out about the tailwhip. great video.

  6. I need to iPod those announcer guys next time I'm on the bike. You know, 'cause I'm like awesome like that.

    In my head.

    Mmmiiiiiiiiiiiiike! ;-)

  7. So, when the track is wet like that and it is raining, they can't tell you have peed your pants, right?

  8. I know! That is some kray-zee riding right there~